Villa Caprice

<p>Villa Caprice</p>

Enjoy stunning views of the Caribbean Sea at the all-inclusive Villa Caprice for adults only (18+). Located in the traditional hotel zone of Cayo Largo del Sur, 30 minutes by plane from Havana and Varadero, this cozy property provides the perfect setting for a vacation in paradise in the privacy of a bungalow surrounded by beaches with crystal clear waters and marine seabeds.

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Villa Coral (Opening in 2024)

<p>Villa Coral (Opening in 2024)</p>

Villa Coral is an attractive hotel facility in Cayo Largo del Sur, located on an island of fine white-sand beaches, crystal-clear waters, and a dazzling sea bottom. The villa features comfortable rooms and all-inclusive services to provide a pleasant stay in paradise. Its Kids Club provides excellent facilities so that guests can enjoy the perfect family vacation.

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Villa Linda Mar

<p>Villa Linda Mar</p>

Enjoy paradise in the privacy of your own cabin or bungalow with all-inclusive amenities and services, ideal for guests of all ages. Located in the hotel zone of Cayo Largo del Sur, Los Canarreos Archipelago, Villa Linda Mar is characterized by its natural, exclusive, and peaceful environment that includes personalized service and excellence for a dream vacation in Cuba.

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Villa Marina

<p>Villa Marina</p>

Villa Marina is the ideal place to enjoy one of the most beautiful sunsets in the Caribbean. Located in Cayo Largo del Sur, Canarreos Archipielago, Isle of Youth, this cozy property offers guests of all ages high comfort and exclusive design in the privacy of a cabin or bungalow - breakfast included. Just a few minutes from the airport and very close to the Cayo Largo Marina, and all the recreational and cultural centers in destination, Villa Marina becomes the perfect option for an exclusive family vacation.

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Villa Natura - Adults-Only

<p>Villa Natura - Adults-Only</p>

Live a complete Caribbean experience in the all-inclusive adult’s only (18+) Villa Natura, located in Cayo Largo del Sur, jewel of the Los Canarreos archipelago. In this paradise, guests will enjoy excellent conditions for outdoor recreation due to its dazzling fauna that groups multiple species, among which turtles, seagulls and pelicans stand out. Its atmosphere of total freedom and relaxation that provides the beauty of the natural environment, make it the ideal option for a tropical vacation.

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Villa Serena (Opening in 2024)

<p>Villa Serena (Opening in 2024)</p>

The best for a quiet family vacation is at Villa Serena. Located in Cayo Largo del Sur and 30 minutes by plane from Havana and Varadero, this property offers a variety of all-inclusive amenities and facilities, with spectacular views of the crystal-clear waters and seabed that become the main attraction for travelers.

Villa Soledad

<p>Villa Soledad</p>

Enjoy an exclusive vacation in the privacy of Villa Soledad, located in the hotel zone of Cayo Largo del Sur, Los Canarreos Archipelago. This small and cozy property is located right between Villa Linda Mar and Villa Coral, allowing guests of all ages to enjoy an all-inclusive experience with access to the amenities and services of the neighboring properties.

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Villa Trópico (Jibacoa)

<p>Villa Trópico (Jibacoa)</p>

About 60 kilometers away from Havana, Villa Trópico is located on Arroyo Bermejo Beach, Mayabeque province, at the foot of a beautiful range of green mountains. The Varadero peninsula is about 90 kilometers away. The tranquility of the surroundings, the sea breeze, and the personalized service make this villa an ideal destination for family tourism.